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But the wind of change that now blows in Portugal is in part the con sequence of political pressure exerted by the imperialist powers. Granted access by the new administrative regulations to investment in the colonies and drawing on their experience elsewhere in Africa, those powers backed the regime in Lisbon financially, economically and militarily. As for the level of the popular masses, here we witness a tangible move ment of political reaction against the pursuit of colonial wars. In the beginning of 1961, the fact of a colonial war constituted a source Anatomy of Colonialism of economic profit for all those involved in the Portuguese army: the General Staff and the various military commands, the majority of the junior officers and the draftees.

It is only this idyllic aspect which is narrated to us by the history manuals of the Salazarists. B. Trend in his book Portugal(published in 1957 in London). We quote: They [the Portuguese] did not produce anything in their country; neither in agriculture nor in industry. Although, on the surface, all looked like a perpetual carnival, the nation was in its entirety begging for bread. And he continues: The king had to order from Flanders many shiploads of wheat. After 1503-1504 a famine plague invaded the nation (in 1505).

The avarice was in such a high degree that the caravels carried loads double or triple their normal capacity, and the more they carried the faster they were shipwrecked! This is the real reason for the so-called 'tragic maritime history' which has been the source of many crocodile tears on the part of the fascist historians'. The great German bankers of the time, those associated with the famous Fugger and Weser Houses, came to establish their main branches in Lisbon. The Italian cities of Florence, Venice and Genoa, citadels of the famous Medici, Bardi and Caponi, became totally bankrupted as they stopped being the centres of the commerce with the East, their 'glorious' place was now taken over by Portugal.

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