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Introduces three hundred crucial phrases and note elements which are wanted for common interpreting comprehension in highschool and faculty.

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Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary (Writers Library) (Writer's Library)

The matter i've got and people may have with this ebook is what it comprises and isn't made specific within the description of the e-book. This booklet includes particular language and outlines of human anatomy and sexuality. a number of the issues defined in listed here are very image certainly! This e-book is the same in a few respects to the city dictionary chanced on on the net.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary

The Plain-English criminal Dictionary for somebody Who desires to comprehend the usually Incomprehensible TerminologyLaw has a language all its personal. Webster's New global legislation Dictionary interprets it truly. Written in simple English, it is a lot more straightforward to appreciate than common felony files. it is up to date and complete, with:* transparent, concise, and exact definitions of greater than 4,000 criminal phrases* insurance of phrases from all components of legislations, together with legal legislations, contracts, proof, constitutional legislation, estate legislations, and torts* universal abbreviations, overseas phrases and words, and an entire replica of the U.S. structure, together with the invoice of Rights and all next amendments* Definitions of more recent phrases equivalent to replacement minimal tax, 3 moves legislations, and assisted suicideIn addition to these within the criminal box, this table reference is priceless to reporters, researchers, lay humans facing criminal matters, or even those that easily are looking to use criminal phrases properly which will make their issues extra convincingly.

The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Volume 21 - Z

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the college of Chicago, quantity 21, Z edited by means of Martha T Roth xv + 170p (Oriental Institute, 1961)

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Submissive (suhb-MIS-iv) ADJECTIVE: Obedience without protest; compliant. sugar daddy (SHOOG-er DAD-ee) NOUN: An older, wealthy man who showers his young lover with gifts and financial compensation. suggestive (suhg-JES-tiv) ADJECTIVE: Something that implies at vulgarity but is not explicit. The young starlet knew exactly what she was doing when she chose to wear a dress with a SUGGESTIVE slit up the side to her meeting with the studio executives. suitor (SOO-ter) NOUN: A male with romantic intentions toward a woman, specifically with the end result of marriage.

Private parts (PRY-vit pahrts) NOUN: One’s external genital organs. proclivity (proh-KLIV-ih-tee) NOUN: An inclination or tendency. procreate (PROH-kree-ayt) VERB: Sexual relations for the purpose of reproduction. promiscuous (pruh-MIS-kyoo-uhs) ADJECTIVE: Engaged in a series of indiscriminate sexual relationships. prophylactic (proh-fuh-LAK-tik) NOUN: A condom or other device meant to prevent disease or conception during sex. prostitution (pros-ti-TOO-shuhn) NOUN: The act of exchanging sexual acts for money or other financial gain.

Lovemaking (LUHV-may-king) NOUN: Sexual intercourse. Sex is no longer just sex for the pair as their emotional involvement heightens the intimacy and turns it into LOVEMAKING. lover (LUHV-er) NOUN: One who engages in sexual intercourse with another. loverlike (LUHV-er) ADJECTIVE: Behavior that would be in the manner of a lover. lubricant (LOO-bri-kuhnt) NOUN: A substance or material that helps to reduce friction between two moving parts. lubricous (LOO-bri-kuhs) ADJECTIVE: Salacious or sexually exciting; slippery, as if something has been lubricated.

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