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Analysis of phase formation during DTA experiments Fig. 1 shows a typical DTA pattern obtained during heating of Al, Fe, Mn, and Si powder mixtures. As observed, the onset temperatures for two endothermic events are evident at 578 and 770 ºC. Furthermore, the onset temperature of an exothermic event is evident at 597 ºC. 2 wt % during heating and holding. The second endothermic calorific event can be associated with the peritectic reaction [23]: L + Fe  Al9Fe2Si2 (1) 20 10 o T, endo down [ C] 15 2 5 3 1 T,endo abajo [ºC] 0 -5 -10 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 o Temperature [ [ºC] C] Temperatura Fig.

Of hexagonal phase 60 Relative pct. of cubic phase 80 70 60 50 5MPa 40 10MPa 20MPa 650 700 750 Temperature [ºC] 800 5MPa 50 40 30 20 10 30 20 600 10MPa 850 900 0 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 Temperature [ºC] Fig. - (left) The relative quantity of Al9FeMnSi cubic phase as a function of temperature, for the indicated stresses. Fig. - (right) The relative quantity of Al9FeMn2Si hexagonal phase as a function of temperature, for the indicated stresses. S. Velumani and René Asomoza 29 Analysis of phase formation in the conditions stated above can now be discussed in regard to the information reported in the literature for the Al-Si-Fe-Mn system.

A. Toscano, S. Rodríguez, A. Salinas, and E. Nava CINVESTAV-Unidad Saltillo, Carretera Saltillo-Monterrey Km. mx Keywords: Aluminides, Phase transformations, Reactive sintering, Microstructure Abstract: This paper presents the results of an investigation aimed at understanding microstructure formation of Al-Fe-Mn-Si intermetallics during pressure-assisted reactive sintering of elemental powders. The proportion of elements was selected such that the composition of the product was 55 wt % Al, 17 wt % Si, 14 wt % Mn, and 14 wt % Fe.

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