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By Barbara McMahon, Reiko Morisaki

For Bethanne Saunders, flying Sheikh Rashid al Harum's inner most airplane has its perks. whilst her ft contact the floor it truly is at the plush carpet of his luxurious palace. And simply being close to stunning Rashid makes her think on cloud nine!Bethanne has all of the luxurious she will be able to handle--until all of sudden she's promoted to princess! however the amazing rock on her finger is a stark reminder that it is a handy engagement. we all know sheikhs do not fall for usual women from Texas....

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JEWELS OF THE DESERT Deserts, diamonds and destiny! The Kingdom of Quishari: two rulers, with hearts as hard as the rugged landscape they reign over, are in need of desert queens… When they offer convenient proposals, will they discover doing your duty doesn’t have to mean ignoring your heart? Next month don’t miss: Marrying the Scarred Sheikh Where you can find out what happens to Rashid’s brother Khalid! Dear Reader, Okay, I confess, I’m fascinated with twins. I sometimes try to imagine my life as it would be if I had a twin.

Walking along the veranda toward the Gulf, she was enchanted to find a better vantage point at the corner with a clear view to a sugar-white beach and the lovely blue water. The maid who had shown her to her room had thankfully spoken English. She told Bethanne her name was Minnah while she unpacked the few articles of clothing in the small bag and asked if Bethanne had more luggage coming. At a loss, she merely shook her head and continued staring at the garden. She’d have to suggest to the sheikh that a woman coming to visit would bring more than a handful of uniforms and an assortment of casual clothes.

Almost-fiancé to the woman in the back of the plane. Oh, lucky Haile al Benqura. She had undoubtedly fallen in love with the man from the pictures exchanged. Now she would be greeted and swept off her feet with one of the most gorgeous men Bethanne had ever seen. “I am Rashid al Harum. Welcome to Quishari,” he said in English as he stepped into the aircraft. ” She cleared her throat. That husky tone wasn’t like her. This man was rattling her senses. “I’m Bethanne Sanders. ” She saw the surprise in his eyes.

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