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In the city centre itself space is reserved for new employment in the tertiary sector, or existing monumental buildings are given a new function as office buildings. Factories are moved as much as possible to the town's periphery where they are less of a nuisance and yet, thanks to the new modes of transport, accessible. In the town, banks, offices, and the whole complex of administrative and personal services inherent in a complicated, industrial society are accommodated. It is in this period, too, that people begin to live out of town while working in the city.

The location decision for each of these industrial groupings had a powerful effect on the further course of urbanization and spatial structure of the country. Some of the new plants were localized in less developed regions to ensure their growth. The discovery of new mineral resources also had a strong effect on location decisions. Very often such locations were chosen in order to absorb the redundant labour force from the rural areas around it and to prevent emigration to towns. This again helped to reduce the demand for new dwellings in the towns.

Some steps were undertaken to prepare the economic integration of these countries; primarily this involved the industrialization of what had earlier been fully agrarian regions. Hence the incentive given to the alloca­ tion of new industries outside the existing industrial centres. Regional power-generating systems were created. Attempts were made to reform the anachronistic agricultural system in order to encourage agriculture output and to help combat rural unemploy­ ment. But the manner in which this was undertaken was limited in scope and rather ineffectual.

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