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Men he must speak with right away, before they heard from some other source. “Other than getting the truth from Nenwaf and seeing that he’s punished, the theft isn’t our problem,” Thuty said. ” Another thought struck. “Your wife could take it, sir, along with the jewelry. Does she not have family in Waset? ” “She will, but . ” “To lessen the chance of discovery, a man must dispose of a few objects at a time over a long period. ” Thuty hesitated a moment, reached a decision. ” He glanced quickly at Bak and, with a smile that may or may not have been sheepish, amended the order.

Then again, an inordinately large number of accidents had occurred. ” Amonked hastened up the wide causeway, setting a pace few men could maintain for long. The four porters bearing the carrying chair he had spurned hurried along behind. Bak had spotted them more than once wiping their brows in an exaggerated manner and exchanging glances of mock exhaustion, and not because of the midday heat. They were registering a good-natured acceptance of their master’s refusal to ride. An idiosyncrasy among those who walked the corridors of power.

They look into tales of bad morale, quarrels between men, reports of personal theft, and all the other minor crimes that befall a project so large. ” Bak did not doubt Amonked’s judgment of his scribes, but honest men ofttimes missed the rotten core hidden within the fruits of men’s labors. “I’ll walk the same path for a short distance lest they’ve missed something. ” His smile was wry, containing a minimum of humor. ” A rotund man with a black mole on his chin walked under the portico. He spoke briefly with the chief scribe, who ushered him to Amonked and introduced him as the captain of the ship that had just arrived.

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