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Charles, who requested not to be Chief Security Officer as I put in the last acknowledgment, but to be Head Grunt. I should have remembered that his highest official rank had been sergeant. Sergeants work for a living; they are not officers. My writing group; The Alternate Historians: Tom Drennan, Rett MacPhearson, Deborah Millitello, Marella Sands, and Mark Sumner. Insanity ensues with or without them, but with them, it’s much more fun. CHAPTER 1 I WAS SITTING IN AN ELEGANT CONFERENCE ROOM IN THE TOP of one of the gleaming towers that make up part of downtown Los Angeles.

No, King Taranis’s treachery against someone who trusted him. ” “You disapprove,” Nelson said. ” Doyle asked. She started to nod and then looked away, blushing. Apparently, even with her jacket turned, she couldn’t help reacting to him. He was worth reacting to, but I didn’t like that she was having this much trouble. The charges would be hard enough without us making the prosecutors blush. ” Cortez asked. ” I asked. “I’ll bite,” Shelby said. ” “Fear,” I said. ” Shelby asked. Frost spoke. “The greatest punishment of all is to be cast out of the Seelie Court, the golden court.

Her suit was well cut, but conservative and black, her button-up shirt white, her makeup tasteful. Only that flame of hair to ruin the almost mannish exterior she portrayed. It was as if she were hiding her beauty and drawing attention to it at the same time. Because she was beautiful. A sprinkling of freckles underneath the pale makeup didn’t detract from the flawless skin, it added. Her eyes were green and blue at once, depending on how the light caught them. Those undecided eyes couldn’t stop looking at Frost and Doyle.

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