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Talia fell lower than a spell . . . . Jack broke the curse. i used to be informed to watch out the accursed spindle, however it used to be so spell binding, so hypnotic. . . . i used to be searching for a bit experience the day I ditched my travel team. yet discovering a comatose city, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, used to be so now not what I had in brain. I woke up within the related position yet in one other time—to a stranger's tender kiss. i could not aid kissing her. occasionally you simply need to kiss a person. i did not be aware of this could take place. Now i'm in dire difficulty simply because my father, the king, says i've got introduced damage upon our kingdom. i've got no selection yet to run away with this commoner! Now i am caught with a bratty princess and a trunk choked with her jewels. . . . the excellent news: My mom and dad will freak! imagine you have got relationship matters? try out locking lips with a sleeping stunner who seems to be 316 years outdated. Can a kiss go beyond all—even time?

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