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Linguists and experts on Siberia are regularly acquainted with the identify Ket, which designates a small ethnic team at the Yenisei and their language, broadly considered as a linguistic enigma in lots of respects. Ket is a seriously endangered language with this day lower than 500 local audio system. including Yugh, Kott, Arin, Assan and Pumpokol, all of that are thoroughly extinct, it varieties the Yeniseic kin of languages, which has no recognized linguistic kinfolk. This "Grammar of Ket" constitutes the 1st booklet of its style in English and is based as follows: creation; The Kets and their Language; Phonology; Morphology; and, References. A moment quantity is deliberate on Ket Syntax, supported by means of a set of unique texts with translations and annotations.

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Though I - quite naturally - do not agree with every detail of his analysis (which is most easily accessible in Vajda 2004), I see no possibility to fall back behind his seminal paper (Vajda 2001), which constitutes, in my view, a watershed, after which nothing (or, say, few things) can ever be the same in Ket linguistics. 43 It is probably safe to say that the majority of Ketological works mentioned in this bibliography have been produced by Tomi‰i ("Tomskians"). For the time after 1955, this is clearly the case.

The communication between humans and supernatural beings is handled by shamans (séna~). Shamanistic practices have been repeatedly described in the ethnographic literature at great length (cf. Anu‰in 1914, whose accounts have, however, been repeatedly criticized as not always fully accurate; here, too, Alekseenko 1967 remains the best source). Though shamans are an important feature of Ket traditional religious practice, as it is/was the case with many other indigenous ethnic groups of Northern Asia, it is only one aspect of traditional religion, and we do not think that a term like "shamanism" should be regarded as a proper, let alone precise, cover term for the often widely diverging native religions of Siberia.

Verbal 45 Cf. Klopotova 2001. , "I am going" (√-tn) will be given as bo/k6-a4-tn 1/D-T-go in some cases accompanied by , or, in Central Ket, , which are closer to the forms actually heard. In the parsed transcriptions, certain morphonological rules are deliberately violated, or cancelled, such as the intervocalic voicing and spirantization rule (of /k/ and /q/), while they are largely represented in the bracketed notation, which thus remains closer to that of other Ketologists, resp.

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