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By John Mesina

Virgo: August 22 - September 22

The Virgin.

Exact, methodical, industrious, discriminating, clever, chaste.

This booklet offers solutions to 86 existence questions about wealth, luck and happiness.

Know thyself and your appropriate mate.

Be guaranteed of your destiny.

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86 Life Answers. Virgo

Virgo: August 22 - September 22The Virgin. certain, methodical, industrious, discriminating, clever, chaste. This booklet presents solutions to 86 lifestyles questions about wealth, good fortune and happiness. understand thyself and your suitable mate. Be guaranteed of your destiny.

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It comes naturally to you to be of service and work hard, which is why you are such a sought after friend and co-worker. You consistently strive to meet the high standards you set for yourself and others know they can count on your word. You are the opposite of a “fair weather” friend, remaining consistent through thick and thin and staunchly loyal to those you care about. Self-effacing and modest, you readily admit your part if an error or miscommunication occurs. And the way you put as much importance on others’ need as your own makes you irresistible.

This executive is kind and helpful, especially if you are sick or in genuine trouble, but may not be patient with sloppy work. Neatness is vital, in your dress, grooming and workplace. The Virgo boss will be receptive to your ideas if they are practical, well thought out and detailed. You’ll be especially valued if your talents lie in assertive areas like sales or promotion, which most Virgos don’t care for, as long as you remember who is boss and don’t make decisions that out of your realm. This executive often has difficulty delegating and needs assistants who can always be trusted to do an excellent job, and on time.

When in an anger-provoking situation, breathe deeply, scanning your body for tension. Release it and regain inner peace and self-control. Or calm your mind with aerobic exercise by establishing order around you. ” 6 Whom you Virgo attract and why You practical, hard-working Virgos often attract mates, partners, or associates who are quite different from you in personality and temperament. Their Traits: They are less likely than you to be detail-minded, down-to-earth or highly analytical. Their more apt to prefer fancy to tact, imagination to reality and intuition over sheer logic.

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