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By Jean Jacques Charbonier

Over the process his 25-year profession as an anesthesiologist and in depth care healthcare professional, Jean Jacques Charbonier, M.D., collected 1000s of debts of sufferers who again from scientific dying. throughout all of those accounts—from sufferers with drastically varied backgrounds—Dr. Charbonier came across awesome similarities in addition to undeniable evidence that those studies have been greater than hallucinations. He surveyed different physicians, nurses, caregivers and stumbled on that their sufferers defined an analogous reviews in addition to exhibited an analogous confident lifestyles variations later on. Igniting a systematic quest to benefit extra, he gathered extra debts of near-death reviews in addition to out-of-body reports, attended dozens of periods with mediums, experimented effectively with digital verbal exchange with the deceased (EVP), interviewed countless numbers of people that have cared for the loss of life, and accumulated numerous inexplicable tales of "signs" from the afterlife. With each one event he studied, he came across himself extra firmly believing within the survival of recognition past loss of life. Dr. Charbonier distills his findings into 7 purposes to think within the afterlife, starting with the greater than 60 million humans all over the world who've mentioned a transcendent afterlife adventure. He refutes the traditional objections of doubters and materialists element by means of aspect, bringing up clinical study on NDEs and the paintings of pioneers within the box of cognizance reviews reminiscent of Raymond Moody and Pim van Lommel. Drawing on meticulously recorded and hospital-verified instances, Dr. Charbonier explains that we must always no longer worry loss of life for ourselves or our household. by means of freeing our worry of demise, we will appropriately arrange for "the ultimate journey." As those that have again from loss of life show, demise is just a transition and its classes allow us to stay extra absolutely, peacefully, and fortunately within the now.

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In the New Testament, he announced the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary (Gospel of Luke 1: 26–38). In Islam, he is known by the Arabic name of Jibril and it is he who revealed the verses of the Koran to Muhammad. ” Divine protector of all activity connected to telecommunications and of all its technicians and workers, he has become, quite logically, the patron saint of communication. (No doubt he must be watching out for all ITC researchers. . ) Gabriel’s feast day is September 29. ” Prayer to Saint Gabriel Saint Gabriel, angel of the annunciation, open our ears to the sweet cautions and urgent appeals from the Lord.

I asked him that because I’d heard stories of what happens during NDEs. I’ve realized now that you can have an NDE without being just about dead—and even when you’re in perfect health. What do you think of this? Please write me back. • These three examples show that OBEs can be produced intentionally and in a controlled way (case number 1) as well as spontaneously and by chance (case number 2), or they can be provoked by the administration of chemical substances (case ­number 3). In all of the experiences I’ve described, the individuals were in no danger of dying and they were aware that they’d left their bodies.

I slipped through their defenses like greased lightning and shot and scored. When I shot, I saw the trajectory of the ball in slow motion—it was fantastic and glorious. Based on this goal, my team made it into the next round. My sister, who is interested in your research, advised me to write to you. I did so because I adore my sister, but I ask that you not publish my name if you speak of my case because I don’t want people to think I’m off my rocker . . • Belief System Following their OBE: d 65 percent said that they believed in the existence of a life after death and/or a hereafter.

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