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To make (someone) look foolish or incompetent. Of course I’m angry! You stultified me at that meeting! subvert (sub· vurt) v. 1. to overthrow. 2. to ruin, destroy completely. 3. to undermine. She quietly subverted his authority by sharing internal information with outside agents. truncate ( trun ·kayt) v. to shorten or terminate by (or as if by) cutting the top or end off. The glitch in the software program truncated the lines of a very important document I was typing. upbraid (up· brayd) v. to reprove, reproach sharply, condemn; admonish.

70. He is planning a speech that should really ________ the crowd. 30 501 Vocabulary Questions Choose the word from the list below that best matches the situation described in each question. deign ire dross mete eke mirth flout moot guile quail ________ 71. students purposely coming to class in clothes forbidden by the dress code ________ 72. a corporate spy infiltrating another company to steal proprietary secrets ________ 73. what Wanda felt when a competitor opened up a store right across the street from her shop ________ 74.

60. c. A pretentious person would be showy and would most likely be trying to impress others by telling them everything he or she knows about any given subject. 26 4 One-Syllable Wonder Words Have you ever aroused someone’s ire or enjoyed a day full of mirth? These 20 one-syllable wonders prove that words don’t have to be long to be interesting or powerful. 501 Vocabulary Questions Word List bane (bayn) n. 1. cause of trouble, misery, distress, or harm. 2. poison. The bane of the oak tree is the Asian beetle.

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