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By Jean Echenoz

Jean Echenoz, thought of by way of many to be the main exclusive and flexible residing French novelist, turns his realization to the deathtrap of worldwide warfare I in 1914. In it, 5 Frenchmen burst off to battle, of them abandoning a tender lady who longs for his or her go back. however the major personality during this exceptional novel is the nice struggle itself. Echenoz, whose paintings has been in comparison to that of writers as different as Joseph Conrad and Laurence Sterne, leads us lightly from a balmy summer season day deep into the relentless—and, 100 years later, nonetheless unthinkable—carnage of trench warfare.

With the delicacy of a miniaturist and with a real understatement that's either witty and clear-eyed, Echenoz bargains us an intimate epic: within the landscape of a transparent blue sky, a bi-plane spirals all at once into the floor; a bit of shrapnel shears the pinnacle off a man’s head as though it have been a soft-boiled egg; we dawdle dreamily in a spring-scented clearing with a lonely shell-shocked soldier jogging innocently towards a firing squad able to shoot him for desertion.

Ultimately, the grace notes of humanity in 1914 upward push above the terrors of warfare during this superbly crafted story that Echenoz tells with discretion, precision, and love.

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As for changes in the uniforms, it was in the spring that new greatcoats were issued in a light blue that proved quite becoming in the newly returned sunshine. The overly garish red pants had almost disappeared, either covered by blue overalls or replaced by velvet trousers. In the defensive accessories department, the men first received cervelières, close-fitting steel skullcaps, to be worn under the kepi, while a few weeks later, in May, appeared the first sign of a not-so-jolly technological innovation: gags and goggles with mica lenses were distributed to every soldier for protection against combat gases.

As for Arcenel, he was a saddler, a craft that presupposes no particular habitus. In any case, each in his own way, these three took a great interest in animals, had seen lots of them, and were going to encounter a great many more. Like all the first men to show up, they were rewarded with a uniform in their size, whereas Charles, eternally haughty and indifferent, arrived late enough that morning to earn himself an ill-fitting one at first, but when he protested disdainfully, fussing arrogantly over his position as a deputy plant manager, others— Bossis and Padioleau, as it turned out—were forced to give up some red trousers and a greatcoat that were apparently acceptable to such a leading citizen, despite his stoically disgusted expression.

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