First Coupon Grocery Trip ($30.29 saved)

So, I took the coupon plunge and have my first shopping trip to report on.

– 2 boxes of Triscuits, Free with coupon
– Razor for $3.99, less coupon
Out of Pocket: $4.47
ECB Earned: $4.00

The crackers are a snack item for the partner to take to work or hide in his office so our oldest won’t eat them. The razor was for me because I needed a new one and to start the ECB ball rolling. The ECB can be used like cash for my next purchase and there will be a next purchase.

Shoppers Food Warehouse:
– Grocery Items totaling: $89.92
– Manufacturers Coupons: $11.15
– Shoppers Double/Triple Coupon Discount: $13.14
Total Grocery Bill: $65.63 (27% savings)

Now, many people argue that coupons get people to buy things that they don’t really need and I’ll admit that I did buy 6 items that I normally wouldn’t buy: 6 can of Pringles Chips for $0.40/each after sale and coupons ($2.40 spent, $6.49 saved). But that’s the only item I purchased that was out of the ordinary for us. I comparison shop unit prices on name brand and generics and combining sale price with double or triple coupons saved us extra money in the end.

I plan to stop by Shoppers to get a raincheck for the pizza rolls that were out of stock because I forgot to get it while we were there (I’m going by the store anyways). Those are another item I usually don’t buy but with the coupon and sale price, they’re free. Free is a good price for a snack item to fill in on days when dinner is running late or we want a treat.

Some notes for myself as I go forward:
– I need to find a way to track my savings.
– I originally planned to just save coupons inserts intact, but since my local stores aren’t listed in the common databases online, I’ve decided to clip the items that I would normally buy or that I would buy if it were free or close to it. For beauty and paper products, those I’ll continue to file with the inserts and only pull those coupons if there is a for-free sale offer at CVS or another major chain.
– I will cross reference the coupon databases as I scan sale flyers and place the plan-to-use coupons in an envelope that I will write our shopping list on… no forgetting coupons, well as long as I don’t forget the list.

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