Garden Seeds Purchased: $68 Saved!

Winter brings dreams of spring and for some people, dreams of gardens and glossy seed catalogs. We jumped into this a little later than some, as we weren’t yet on the automatically mailing lists for any seed companies yet. But, we did some searching and decided one two companies to work with, at least until I read Get Rich Slowly’s recent gardening post

. There a commenter left a tip that saved us $68!

For the non-gardening types, when you order a packet of seeds, you usually get more than you’ll use in a year or even three years. Luckily, if stored properly, seeds will last. But for folk just getting started, initial seed purchases can really add up.

For example, we spent a total of $47.20 on 32 packets of seeds. We purchased 22 super-tiny-packets from for a total of $11.20 and 10 packets from another seed catalog for $36.00. The packets from (also known as Le Jardin du Gourmet) will be enough for all of this years’ planting and most of next years as well. The packets from the other seed catalog will probably last us for 2-5 years.

While the cost per seed is slightly higher in the smaller packets, the savings for our first year of serious gardening justifies the cost. Also, this lets us try out some items to see if we like them or not. We may find that we don’t care for one of the plants we selected — I’d rather find that out with a $0.50 packet of seeds versus a $3.60 one. If we’d gone with our original plan, we would have spent another $68 in seeds. Thanks artisticgardens.comBekah for the tip!

Also, GRS discussed how they also pool resources with other gardeners to split the cost of seed orders. I’m hoping to take advantage of that idea next year when I have time for a little more advanced planning. However, looking at our gardening calendar this past week showed us that we needed to get moving on starting some plants asap and we just sat down and got it done.

Now bring on spring!

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  • Donna Jean
    March 5th, 2008 17:19

    Update on artistic gardens. I order from them February 11th and two weeks later I’d not heard from them. I finally emailed them and they had lost my order. I’ve since ordered from them again and am looking forward to my seeds arriving soon – I’m hoping this was just a random problem because I really want to continue to refer people to this affordable option for seeds.

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