Letting My Solar Powered Light Shine!

As the house purchase approaches, I feel my inner tree-hugging, environmentalist freak coming on. Funny thing is that I don’t typically feel much like an earth loving, granola-crunching hippie, but it seems that all of my latent Save the Planet emotions are welling up big time now that we’re about to own .85 acres of land.

My frugal fanaticism is pretty earth friendly, especially when I see no reason to spend to spend or to own to own. Reduce, reuse, recycle are common phrases uttered weekly in our house – whether I’m whipping leftovers into something new and exciting or painstakingly dividing recyclable materials from non-recyclable.

Homeownership is bringing new passion to these actions and feelings. I’m wondering if all the “someday I’ll do that” thoughts I had when reading about natural home products have now found their day. Even though I’ve been the first to grab up the strongest, chemical laden cleaning products around, I’m suddenly looking at more people and earth friendly products and homemade recipes to take care of things. I feel like I’ve oversung the praises of the clothes line and how we don’t need a stinkin clothes dryer anyways. The partner cringes when I start touting energy saving practices that will reduce, and maybe (hopefully) even eliminate, the need for air conditioning.

Also, as we’re (thinking about) packing, I’m thinking about the day to day life in the new house. Where things will go, how will we use items? Suddenly I’m getting uppity about trash. I recall listening to some very nature-loving friends a few years ago about how they generate only a few bags of trash a year, a year! How things are packaged influences every purchase decision they make – including airfare, they won’t fly with carriers whose waste and recycling actions don’t meet their standards. Secretly, they’ve been my heroes and I’ve thought time and again how I can do the same. And now, that day has come, and I want to make that happen.

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  • Kim
    June 7th, 2007 08:24

    I applaud your efforts and enthusiasm. If you ever need an incentive to go green, I suggest reading a book called “The End of Oil” by Paul Roberts. It changed my entire view of the world. Now I view recycling and conservation as essential activities instead of the “when I have time” activities that they used to be for me.

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