Sushi and Spending: skipping and saving

I’ve got a thing for sushi, such wonderful,, yummy goodness. But, it comes with a price tag that puts it on the very-rare treat list. It wasn’t always that way though. I used to go our for sushi a couple times a month and threw away lots of money on getting the good stuff. But, now that I’m being a more responsible steward of our dollars, sushi is a luxury that never happens.

The I-want-sushi desire hit this weekend and it hit hard. Every time the partner would mention something about food, groceries, or dinner, I’d start pushing to go get sushi. “You want to spend $100 on dinner?” He’d want to know — no, not really. Sushi for two doesn’t really cost us $100, but getting out for less than $60 would be an achievement. Throwing the $100 amount out there helped paint the picture.

So, how to manage the hyper-drive-cravings that show up with the scaling-back-to-buy-a-house budget we’re living with? For one thing, it’ll include skipping out on sushi for dinner. But, all is not lost. I now work within walking distance to one of my favorite sushi places, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop in for a lunch special that will fit my budget and take care of that urging.

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  • Steven
    March 29th, 2007 12:45

    Sushi is certainly an expensive treat. It is fortunate for me that my girlfriend isn’t a really big fan of it, otherwise I could see how a lot of my money would be heading towards some of the wonderful sushi places here in San Diego.

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