Personal Carnival No. 6

Welcome, the Personal Carnival is where I round up the various carnivals about personal finances and figure out how often the personal is prominent. As you’ve noticed and (some have) fussed about, I’ve been slacking in posting the carnivals and statistics – well here it is in it’s catching-up glory.

I spent 150 minutes today reading through all the links in every carnival I missed — thats a lot of reading to do. I’ve posted the statistics and some posts that I enjoyed.

As a reminder, my numbers are not guaranteed and some articles may have been miscounted, overlooked, or simply failed to load. Also, these carnivals are not required to be personally focused and many include tips, suggestions, and strategies posts that are very helpful. However, I want to feel the personal connection with the writers and will highlight posts that I enjoyed where the personal is prominent.


For February, the carnivals with the highest percent of personal were the Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance No. 3 (66.7%), Festival of Frugality No. 61 (55.6%), and Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 75 (53.8%). Also, I feel it is important to point out that the Carnival of Personal Finance No. 87 had a stellar 44.1% personal element, which is very high for the carnival and there were lots of great posts highlighted.

And now for the carnivals …

Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance No. 3: 8 personal articles of 12 posted (66.7%)
Posted at An English Major’s Money. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Your boss wants you to do what? - do I also hold on to a “it’s not my job” mentality…

Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance No. 4: 8 personal articles of 16 posted (50%)
Posted at Grad Money. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Profiting from a non-profit, ethical or rotten? – Somewhat related to this post, we’re selling lots of things on ebay and have wondered if were getting money when we should. There are some machines that the partner owns that he got for free or from an education shop closing — should we sell it and donate the cash or try to off load it somewhere else? I think it boils down to mostly that we’re just trying to make things go away and selling things is the umbrella strategy we’re using and will simply keep using.
  2. Environmental ethics: Corporate culture – my own post about how presenting a certain image comes at the cost of being a good steward of our dollars and the environment.

Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 74: 9 personal articles of 21 posted (42.9%)
Posted at Blogging Away Debt. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. How to lower your credit card interest rates – Make the call is always a good first step and Tricia and Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has some other good tips that have also helped us. We’ve lowered our interest rates here and here.

Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 75: 7 personal articles of 13 posted (53.8%)
Posted at The Art of Making Money. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Breaking down your debt – Being a fairly visual person, I really like graphs and charts like this one that help illustrate existing conditions.

Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 76: 8 personal articles of 18 posted (44.4%)
Posted at Money Smart Life. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Why did you get in debt? – Understanding and admitting to why you’re in debt is not the same thing as making excused and justifications. While special circumstances can push people down that slippery slope, there are often some fundamental behaviors and (lack of) strategies that can get people in debt.

Carnival of Personal Finance No. 87: 30 personal articles out of 68 posted (44.1%)
Posted at 2million – My Journey to Financial Freedom. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. How to stop nickel and diming yourself – Another personal example of how holding yourself accountable will help trim the fat from your finances. Sigh, another good article submitted to multiple carnivals.
  2. WWYD: Revealing how much money you make – Post on one of my favorite topics, sharing the nitty-gritty financial decisions with others. Posted on multiple carnivals.
  3. Top 100 personal finance blogss – Okay, so there isn’t much new here, just a great collection of blog links including your’s truly (thanks!).
  4. Get oodles of money, but work for a company you don’t like? – Work and money are high on my radar these days and I can say that I couldn’t take a job I didn’t like. In fact, I almost left the one I’m in due to fears of not liking it; thankfully, things have improved since my first week.
  5. The Cost of a free ride – why not to use a buyer’s agent – A good read for those, like us, scanning the housing market right now.
  6. Getting my insurance together – Getting life and disability insurance is at the top of our to-do list. I don’t see this topic described often enough in the personal finance sphere.

Carnival of Personal Finance No. 88: 18 personal articles of 61 post (29%)
Posted at Stock Market Beat. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Getting rich: It’s the little things – Yet another nick and dime post, those small things add up — start saving them!

Carnival of Personal Finance No. 89: 15 personal articles of 53 posted (28.3%)
Posted at Binary Dollar. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Reader comment: Newborn baby expenses – Babies are on our horizon, albeit distant horizon, but there just the same. I like watching the number games people play when thinking about having a baby — of course, i still find that having a baby is far more valuable than the savings or expenses needed.

Festival of Frugality No. 61: 20 personal articles of 36 posted (55.6%)
Postedat Hustler Money Blog. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Free money: Unclaimed property – I found this amusing because I also ran my name and all family members name and came up money for them (and none for me). Maybe charging commission is something to consider, hehe.
  2. Using up veggies, or “it’s not frgual to throw it out” – I take advantage of almost all the tips listed here to make our food go the extra mile. In fact, the soup bag in the freezer is about ready for a yummy pot of whatever soup.

Festival of Frugality No. 62: 8 personal articles of 26 posted (30.8%)
Posted at Lazy Man and Money. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. It’s easier to be frugal when you are single, true or false?

Festival of Frugality No. 63: 15 personal articles out of 31 posted (48.4%)
Posted at Stingy Students. Articles I enjoyed:

  1. Frugalities and potatoes – potatoes and milk are our tonight’s dinner menu (potato soup, yumm).
  2. Frugality births creativity – combining my creative and thrifty side is always a big plus for me.
  3. Frugal butterfly wings for our daughter – yet another creative-frugal example.
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