Personal Carnival #2: Festival of Frugality #58

Tuesday’s Festival for Frugality has 35 articles. Through very unscientific analysis, I found 17 articles (49%) where the personal aspect of frugality shined. I felt these twelve articles were worth sharing and articles submitted to multiple carnivals/festivals have been intentionally excluded.

1. Ethnic Markets: Feel Worldly for Cheap: Wise Bread expresses personal experience shopping in ethnic markets for some frugal shopping and offers some great suggestions.

2. Leasing vs. Buying: The Car Debate Continues: Nina, over at QueerCents, maintains an excellent balance of personal experience and information when addressing the lease vs. buy debate between her and her partner.

3. No Car Note: Mapgirl talks about how nice it is to have a car that is paid off and how the thought of car payments put new car fantasies in perspective.

4. Thrifty 101: Tightfisted Money Tips I Learned in College: Kelly Bejelly describes her thrift learning curve while offering up suggestions.

5. Seriously Thrifty? Some Wild Ways to Save (Part 1): Personal thrifty comments paired with some wild options Silicone Valley Blogger has seen. Nothing new, just a personal take on it.

6. This $9 gadget Might Save You from Cable Bills Money, Matter, and More Musings shows how money saving tips can be shared through a personal connection.

7. Saving Money While Traveling for Business: makingourway finds a local grocery instead of maxing out of pre diem on hotel food.

8. Haircuts at Home: Stop the Ride tells how do-it-yourself haircuts is a frugal choice for their family.

9. Saving Even More at Salvation Army: Krista from My Family Finances tells a new tip she heard for saving more at Salvation Army.

10. How to get a Free Car Wash: Money Smart Life talks about how he gets free car washes.

11. Why I Don’t Spend Money on Bottled Water: My Two Dollars tells us why.

12. Beat February Financial Funk: A Money Map: The Frugal Duchess responds to Howard Dayton’s Your Money map book.

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