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My time in the personal finance community grows, my bookmark list grows to greater and greater lengths, my personal preferences evolve. I’ve gone from devouring everything I can find and reading every tip and suggestion to searching for the personal connection in finances. In congruence with my preference to talk money with peers, I want to see and read those same conversations in other sites as well.

Thanks to my time in the personal finance community and the many fiscal achievement in the past few years, I feel secure with my finances and when making financial decisions. The security leads to wanting to focus on the connection with other personal finance writers on a personal level. I want to see their personality shine through their writing and hear about the challenges they faced due to personality characteristics while reading about their financial successes and strategies.

I’m moving away from reading sites that mostly focus on tips, strategies, and suggestions because I can no longer see the person in the personal finance. I’m also going to be sure that my writing keeps the personal in personal finances.

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  • English Major
    January 18th, 2007 13:42

    Hi–I found you through, though I’m sure I’ve read your posts before. I just wanted to add my support to this one–I don’t really connect with personal finance blogs where you can’t feel the person involved. One of my biggest themes as a blogger is in making sure that your personal finance decisions are about you and your goals, both financial and personal.

    I’m glad someone else wants to put the “personal” in “personal finance”!

  • Donna Jean
    January 18th, 2007 14:32

    thanks for leaving a comment. luckily there are lots of great writers out there doing just this! The topic came up for me, today, as I imported all my bookmarks. I realized that I’ve been taking up time reading some sites that don’t draw me in on a personal level (thanks to “open in tabs”). These were great 6-8 months ago when I started this adventure, but now, I’m getting a bit more selective, I guess. Plus it relates to the work/home/internet/life balance and I’m starting to get just as frugal with my time as I am with my money.

  • 3 Things About Money
    January 18th, 2007 17:07

    I love the approach of keeping it personal. My experience has been there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to personal finance and I benefit the most from people that talk about their struggles and victories. Thanks for posting about this.

  • jim
    January 18th, 2007 17:09

    Yeah, I think some blogs have oscillated back and forth on the personal spectrum (myself included) because coming up with some nice useful content on a daily basis is very challenging. One only has so much personal stuff going on every day! But you are right, I hope some bloggers let their personal through (I hope I do that) and focus less on some of the other stuff that you can find anywhere and everywhere else. Good post.

  • NCN
    January 18th, 2007 18:01

    Hey, good post! I LOVE the more “personal side” of personal finance. I’m convinced that most people are more affected by the emotional and psychological aspects of finances than they are by the math and numbers. I try to “mix it up” and have some personal, some practical, and some plain out weird posts.

  • Clever Dude
    January 19th, 2007 10:34

    I totally agree. I want to know how people are actually applying things in their own lives. I want to know if they’ve been successful doing whatever they’re promoting. Or, if something failed, then why.

    I actually joined No Credit Needed Network (see NCN’s post above), which exposes my total non-home debt amount. I’m not worried about mentioning my debt, but I do have to keep in mind that people can use anything personal about me as leverage in blackmail or whatever.

    However, my desire to help others through my own experiences outweighs this worry, for now.

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  • DebtBeGone
    January 20th, 2007 10:45

    I am beginning to feel the same way. As my list of personal finance RSS feeds grows to almost 100, I’m beginning to realize I need to be more selective, and am finding its the personal pfblogs I enjoy more…

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  • Louise
    June 17th, 2007 15:12

    Hi, I agree with you. I am only a new blogger and it was the ‘personal’ stories that inspired me. It’s annoying to keep finding suppossed personal blogs that are just articles and sales pitches as I want to link to people, not information.

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